Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Li'l' '


Tomorrow night, 6th August, The Leather Exchange (15 Leathermarket Street) will cross three lines from 7.30: like a three line whip, those lines will be Alan Hay Line, Nat Raha Line & Johan de Wit Line.

Also, Angel Exhaust 20, "You Just Rang Anne WIDECOMBE?" is out now, with new poetry by John Kinsella, Kelvin Corcoran, Jeff Hilson, DS Marriott, John Goodby, David Chaloner, Jesse Glass, Rita Dahl, Jason Wilkinson, Michael Haslam, Charles Bainbridge, Chris Brownsword, Colin Simms, Out To Lunch, Carrie Etter, and the results of "a survey where contemporary poets explain what’s wrong with the poetry scene."

Plus, closer to the surface, a new issue of The New Yinzer has just gone live. The guest editor, Claire Donato, hopes you discover transformative rearrangement in the wee things found there, things that pay attention to, directly address, or represent the not fully formed, the seemingly insignificant or unimportant, the little, compact, short, bijou, tiny, miniature, microscopic, cramped, elfin, etc.

Here's a bit from "Songs from a Long Poem Which is Not Called "Sing-Along Morality of Thinking" But More Like "Hmmmmmmm Time and Politics"" by Josh Stanley, the most erotic thing I've experienced since the one time I stopped to talk to that chugger for three days:

my shepherdess lovely,
is a notion too trivial 2
engage much attention
ooooo Time:
ay touch u like radiowaves
ooooo ay’d like
us + u 2 know ev’rything
fa la la / + ay’ll b getting head
+ by u am er crowned while
eating blackberries
while u my dear ay
crown with myrtle +
swallows twitter in the skies that represent the universal wing:
they sing we sing u sing she sings ay sing
the day in its sadness in Tupperware bring
white birds 2 true lovers do not ever sing
+ o + o + most among the coral
ay desire for none 2 b excluded
o the grass, it is so green

And, damn, here's something from Dan Wyke's "Where to Sleep?"

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