Friday, 7 August 2009


From "Little Dune Buggy"
By The Presidents of the United States of America.

Little blind spider
Took the wheel
Navigatin grass blades completely by
Got a sassy chassis
Sparklin in the sun
All four small bald fat tires
Rockin through the sand & burnin up

Little dune buggy
In the sand
Little blue dune buggy
In my hand

Gotta rubber band motor hummin on the beach, ready for fun
Quit spinnin that web & come out & play in the sun
Eight thimble-sized cylinders
Be as smooth as you please
Spider's got his fat old abdomen
Stuck in the bucket seat






jewelltest1 said...
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John Sparrow said...

My favourite POTUSA lyrics, from "Volcano":

Now the island is shifting the plates are lifting
The core is creamy docile and dreamy
Stopped up and steamy
Happy campers poop in their pampers
When the mountain becomes a fountain
Of white hot lava molten magma
Super sonic plate tectonics
Stereo phonic lava and tonic
The boom is bionic
Sony shut down magnavox meltdown
Ballistic breakdown
Hi fi heatwave lo fi lava cave...