Friday, 10 July 2009

Last night at Leather

Very cool Xing the Line last night to launch this onedit. One by one the readers stood and gave me pleasure. Mythological beings like Kai Fierle-Hedrick and Matt Chambers gravely sat among us. Jennifer Cooke went to the wrong issue and maybe the wrong tube. I bit Emily Critchley for everyone. You couldn't tell from Sophie Robinson's reading but she was wasted. Three poets said no to the samosa you eventually ate. Jeff Hilson severally chucked, killed, but he guffed, floored, at Jonty Tiplady's plaint re being tweeted to Bishopsgate. Then Jonty contrived difficulties in describing an orgasm face which freighted it with emotions and possibilities, made it & then claimed that it shone us. Somebody told me something like, the people are divided over his work, but Jonty Tiplady, I beg you, heal this rift. I left with a stack of stuff from The Arthur Shilling Press.

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