Thursday, 2 July 2009


Twenty-two activists, including my friend Jonathan Stevenson, stopped a coal train headed for Drax power station in North Yorkshire, hopped on and tipped out the coal.

Here's an article about the Drax trial from The Guardian. The jury are probably retiring today, hopefully haunted by carousels of suffragettes and Gandhi heads. Here's today's article and a Twitter feed.

At first the judge was being a wee bit Eichmanny, from the sounds of things, making dark hints re contempt of court, but he seems to have softened a bit and by now I sometimes imagine him as a lion. I hear (second-hand) the lawyers had to go because trying to run the defence the activists wanted might have got them disbarred. So the activists are defending themselves and us. They could get two years, I think. In the picture, Jonathan is the one sort of standing around.

If you would like to show solidarity with activists, click h - just kidding, go stop another coal train.

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