Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Why the fuck can't space and time just be pure concepts of the understanding?

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kismet jones said...

from Philip K. Dick's "Flow My Tears, The Policeman Said":

Time-binding is a function of the brain. It's a structuralization of perception and orientation ... and goes on as long as the brain is receiving input ... the brain can't function if it can't bind space as well ... but as to why, we don't know yet. Probably it has to do with the instinct to stabilize reality in such a fashion that sequences can be ordered in terms of before-and-after - that would be time - and, more importantly, space-occupying, as with a three-dimensional object as compared to, say, a drawing of that object ... The exclusiveness of space ... is only a function of the brain as it handles perception. It regulates data in terms of mutually restrictive space units. Millions of them. Trillions ... But in itself, space is not exclusive. In fact, in itself, space does not exist at all ... A drug such as KR-3 breaks down the brain's ability to exclude one unit of space out of another. So here versus there is lost as the brain tries to handle perception. It can't tell if an object has gone away or if it's still there. When this occurs the brain can no longer exclude alternative spatial vectors. It opens up the entire range of spatial variation ... [and] can no longer tell which objects exist and which are only latent, unspatial possibilities ... competing spatial corridors are opened, into which the garbled percept system enters, and a whole new universe appears to the brain to be in the process of creation ... Anyone affected by it is forced to perceive irreal universes, whether they want to or not ... trillions of possibilities are theoretically all of a sudden real; chance enters and the persons percept system chooses one possibility out of all those presented to it. It has to choose, because if it didn't, competing universes would overlap, and the concept of space itself would vanish ... the brain seizes on the spatial universe nearest at hand.

That was long & probably not very helpful. I'm looking forward to some KR-3 experiments thoough ...

ps. remember to take garlic to ward off vampiric viral spectres