Saturday, 30 May 2009

Season of Quite

By Roddy Lumsden.

With refreshments and some modesty and home-drawn maps,
the ladies of the parish are marshaling the plans in hand,
devising the occasions, in softest pencil: the Day of Hearsay,
Leeway Week, the Maybe Pageant, a hustings on the word
nearby. Half-promised rain roosts in some clouds a mile out,
gradual weather making gradual notes on the green, the well,
the monument, the mayor's yard where dogs purr on elastic.
Everything taken by the smooth handle then, or about to be,
hiatus sharp in humble fashion. A small boy spins one wheel
of an upturned bike, the pond rises, full of skimmed stones
on somehow days, not Spring, not Summer yet. Engagements
are announced in the Chronicle, a nine-yard putt falls short.
Dark cattle amble on the angles of Flat Field. The ladies close
their plotting books and fill pink teacups, there or thereabouts.


Sean Bonney said...

This is a parody, right? Even Roddy Lumsden couldn't be this dull.

HatredOfCapitalism said...

That too, right? Even you can't be that tedious, Sean.

Sean Bonney said...

Ho ho

Jow Lindsay said...

the roddy and the nonroddy are coeval decoys - I side with capitalism and pissing myself