Wednesday, 27 May 2009

From "Property"

By Alaisdar Gray.

[...] The elder boy said they didn't know that the roadside was not public, also that their motorbikes and other things had been stolen.

"Not stolen. Impounded," said the man, "I had them removed last night to the police station. You can thank your lucky stars that I was kind enough to leave you the tent. So now dismantle it, collect your chattels from the station and clear out. I do not object, as a rule, to visitors who behave properly and drop no litter. I regard this --" he indicated the tent -- "as a form of litter. I have a friend, a very brave soldier who had similar trouble with a family of people like you. Well, he discovered their address, went with a friend to the municipal housing scheme where they lived and pitch a tent of his own in the middle of their back garden. They didn't like it one little tiny bit. Quite annoyed about it they were as a matter of fact.

The man turned a little and looked steadily
towards the loch, mountains, glens, rivers,
moors and islands that he regarded
(with the support of the police)
as his back garden.

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