Tuesday, 12 May 2009

From "Anemic Cinema"

By Stephen Rodefer.

If this paisano asks me to move over or get out of this coffin
I go back to the streets. If Diana calls, I'm not here.
I could never figure her. The world's number one figure
And nobody wrapped her up and took her home.
Some people have to be happy because they are nothing but rich.
Forming on little roofs around some little royalty, the pretender
Is King, though his wife is English and a commoner.
They rule the international set. You figure it. I can't.

It was at once of the smaller casinos, kind of late.
We'd finished gambling. We hadn't eaten together since lunch.
Every night is like every other night. Off screen you never laugh.
Next to another you have the body of an animal.
More of the same for the King. Is the gigolo
Known to anyone? It is a born medicine. It kills pain.
I feel terrible charging my customers for gas. Come on
Charlie, get behind the wheel. Welcome to the Bahamas.

She looked at me for no more than a beat and a half
But I knew that I would remember her for as long as I lived,
If I lived that long. When we got to Rome [...]

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