Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Way back in 2006, there was no mainstream poetry.


Sean Bonney said...

There never has been any mainstream poetry, ever.

Posie Rider said...

On that subject, just look at this! Charles Berstein LIES online!


How pathetic, he's pretending that some friend of his called Ron Silliman won the PULITZER fucking PRIZE when we all know it was the divine W S Merwin. This reminds me of that time I mocked up a fake copy of Hello! with my face on it rather than Catherine Zeta Jones, with the title 'Posie Rider is the most beautiful British woman in Hollywood, and the smartest woman in the world too!" It may be true, but can you get these hacks to believe it?

Honestly, hate the institution, but not the institution recognition, eh Charles?