Monday, 6 April 2009

From "English Hecklers in New Zealand"

By Stewart Lee.

Privately, the debate continues amongst comedians, “what is Daniel Kitson doing?” Why, many wonder, does he do The Stand when he could do the big room at Assembly? Why does he insist on shaking off half the following he has established every couple of years by doing a sensitive story show? Why doesn’t he have a nice haircut? Surely he could afford it now. But Kitson once told me, that after his Perrier nomination, he was doing a run at the Soho theatre. Sitting in a toilet cubicle one night he overheard some of his audience standing at the urinals talking, didn’t like how they sounded, didn’t like them, and realised he would have to begin a process of refining his fanbase.


Jonny Liron said...

Hey Jow, Just wanted to leave a quick note to say I think your blog is fucking ace, thank you, especially for the post before last, great stuff man, see ya

Jonny Liron said...

no hang on, post before this one, not before last ie. that one, what? basically the one which you wrote in Brixton, that one, especially, is what I mean

Jow Lindsay said...

Yeah say that to my fucking face, Jonny Liron