Monday, 20 April 2009

The colony ship in which the publishing industry tomorrow leaves this dying star. Bye Georgie, Sarah et al. I'm reading with Mike Weller tomorrow at 7.30 at The Lamb in Lamb's Conduit Street near Holborn. Via Posie, there're Mary's tweets:

"[...] My suicide attempt was a rational act, but, given that I live, I daily labour to remember that I have still the duty of a mother to fulfil.
8:53 AM Apr 19th from web

I am alive and must face reality with a composed mind. Gilbert does not love me. I must make my life alone, and write to support my infant.
8:04 AM Apr 19th from web

It was strangers who rescued me this time. Why, why, why. I do not want to live.
2:22 AM Apr 19th from web

Putney. Old Father Thames sweeps by. Tis raining hard. I shall wait till my clothes are wet through and heavy. No mistake this time.
3:57 PM Apr 18th from web

There is nothing for it. I have no home, no husband, no money, no prospect of any. The world will not miss me, nor I it. Farewell.

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