Friday, 13 March 2009

Some funnish overviewish stuffcruft in my new online magazine, Robert Sheppard:

"[...] What have been the most significant developments in the alternative British and Irish Poetries (however you define those) over the last 7 years? [...]"

Kennedy: "[...] Confronted with the work of younger poets—and you really are confronted—like Frances Kruk and Emily Critchley I want to yell something like ‘holy paratactic bad girl word salad Batman’ except it’s there in the work of older poets like Frances Presley and Geraldine Monk too. The voice is thrown out into environments—political, historical, sexual—to see what it catches and catches on. And you have to be there to hear it. I don’t see/hear this is the work of many male poets except Keston Sutherland and Sean Bonney [...]"

The address is A hug.

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