Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Relish these pies?

More than thirty short clips of poets saying things have appeared on the Openned web site. Nor have the new tweets of Openned screwdrivers been in vain: on the (correction) 25th of March, The Foundry lines the aupicious line-up of Sean Bonney, Alex Davies, Amy De'Ath, Jim Goar, Lucy Harvest Clarke, Redell Olsen, John Sparrow and Keston Sutherland up. There seems to be a little flurry of poetic activity problematising the horizon, actually. See Openned and the godawful Vents. If I were to pick another highlight, it would be the Royal Family Benefit this Thursday at The Leather Exchange, including Tim Atkins, Sean Bonney, Harry Gilonis, Jeff Hilson, Frances Kruk, Mendoza, Ben Watson, Steve Willey, Michael J Weller and Johan de Wit.

Also, Jeff Hilson has finally published the brilliant Brad? Brad! in full. This is a sequence which poses the old chestnut: "Clock work orange?" -- and comes up with an unusual answer!

Also, a new issue of Readings is up, including Johan de Wit, Luke Kennard on Stephen Rodefer, Elizabeth James on Alice Notley & much other antique pawn rota. Strangely absent from Edmund Hardy's contribution (about how you maybe will be able to get gin by wiping his corpse's face with a special neutral cloth) is any mention of the Lupe Fiasco stanza:

[...] don’t give the black man food
give red man / liquor
red man / fool
black man / nigga
give yellow man tool make him railroad / builder
also give him pan make him pull gold from river
give black man crack / glocks and things
give red man craps / slot machines
now bring it back bring it back bring it back bring it back bring it back [...]

Is he intentionally "picking" on Fiasco?


The Editors said...

Pickiness: the slags at Openned have scheduled their rumpus for 25th March, not 15th, they play the playa, not the game.

The Editors said...

that was alex editor not the steve and I say up the little flurry.