Thursday, 12 March 2009

My new online poetry magazine, On Past Blackbox Simple Edit Manifold, is out today, featuring:

Adrian Clarke
Alan Halsey
Alex Davies
Alex Houen & Adam Piette
Alyson Torns
Amy De’Ath
Ann Bogle
Arlene Ang
Augustus Young
Benjamin Stainton
Ben Watson
Billy Mills & Catherine Walsh
Charles Bernstein
Chris Nealon & Joshua Clover
David Lloyd
David Toms
Drew Milne
Ezra Pound
Fanny Howe
Francis Raven
Geraldine Monk
Geoffrey Cruickshank-Hagenbuckle
Holly Pester
Ian Seed
Jim Goar
Jonathan Skinner
John Gibbens
John Kinsella
Karen Eliot
Kyle Storm Beste-Chetwynde
Lisa Jarnot
Marcus Slease
Matt Merritt
Matthew Sweeney
Maurice Scully
Michael Zand
Nathan Thompson
Paul Muldoon
Philip Terry
Peter Larkin
Peter Manson
Randolph Healy
Robin Purves
Sean Bonney
Stephen Vincent
Ted Greenwald & Kit Robinson
Steve Willey
Tim Atkins
Tom Raworth
Trevor Joyce
Vahni Capildeo
Vivek Narayanan
Vona Groarke


You ungrateful centipedes. After all I've done for you.

Why not start out with Alex Davies' (there's audio).

Then move on to Peter Manson's (more proper). Cf. "Surrexit Dominus de Sheryl Crow" ("The Lord is risen from Sheryl Crow") with "Surrexit Dominus de sepulchro" ("from the tomb"). The title of Peter’s poem is probably a remix of Jacques Lacan’s "mirror stage." Baffles are there to absorb noise, but some of it inevitably reflects back. So "The Baffle Stage" refers, maybe, to the creation of Ego through identification with -- not a specular gestalt doppleganger, but -- the incidental acoustic modifications of one’s own sequential babble by structures that are there to annihilate it. Yes, fucking hilarious.


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"Laugh Out Loud, and all that...
Making the connections, as I seem to edge towards sense would you like some audio for my dead link - I will send you some, but later.

The Editors said...

Stop recontextualising my comments by readjusting the content of your initial post - that is just not how it works - I get to comment on you not the other way round.

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