Friday, 6 March 2009

From "The Igniting Mask"

By Hangman Joe.

"Hello Erika. I want to play a game. The prize will simply be giving you a new outlook on your life, a new conscience to think before you speak, before you cloud up this world with your spitfire tongue and your lies. The price you'll pay for losing will be your pride, a status you've earned through terrible intentions and little lies, but that's not all. I might just claim your unappreciative life. The device attached to your head is my personal twist on America's number one vice: smoking. Strapped in your mouth are two rows of caplets, each filled tight with gasoline. Also strapped into the mask over your mouth is a cigarette. An alcohol slicked wire has been laced through the center of the cigarette, trailing into the center of each of the caplets. If it is ignited by the cigarette before you can remove the mask, it will ignite all those lies in your mouth and burn your teeth to a black as rotten as your soul, and as dark as your lungs. In the meantime, you've only been supplied with one nostril hole in the mask to breathe out of. Can you find the key to your mask before it's too late? I'll give you a hint as to where to find it. It's in one of your tar-stained fingers. Be careful. Your hands too have been slicked with flammable oil. Let the game begin."

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