Saturday, 28 March 2009

Currently reading / listening to

Haxbermas, Between Facts & Norms
Everything from Grasp Press
Euclidis Elementa
Yoscrates, Orationes
Leaflets from today's march (Socialist Appeal, Jubilee Debt Campaign)
Confessionale domini Anthonii archiepiscopi Florentini
Marius Nizolius, thesaurus to Cicero
Thomas Becon, The sycke mannes salve
Screen names, e.g.: ashman2000, turdinthetub, Bomb Man, Rawrlicious, luigiyoyo, Lunawolf109, cr1tt3r, Mr Useless, Neva Benjamin Zed, The Sax Man, ljvidela, redninja216, MASTER ZOMBIE KILLER, juliannee, Keith Carr, Bruce Cambull, Moral Compass, ben151107, Steve Darke, Tiberius Falco, James Lovell, Molly McBuggy, Damien Caine, Suzy Dahl, Geoff Bayley, Rick Fisher, Pototo, su1cidal, Cmdr Killbot.
Jehan Goeurot, a boke cauled The Regimen of Lyffe
An other boke agaynst the usurped poore of the bishoppe of rome
Publius Vergilius, Works
A psalter in englyshe
Theocritus Siculus, Idylls
Desiderius Erasmus, De duplici copi verborum ac rerum
& vi or vii other lytelle bokes

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