Thursday, 5 February 2009

This Slime Tree Bower &c.

(1) Some of you circulate your announcements only on e-mail lists like UKPoetry & the Raekwon Listserv, which is great & everything.

(2) It is a shame that the snow falls also outside the windows of flabby stupid people.

(3) I sort of started an events blog, & so anyone who wants me to add them as an author let me know.

(4) Tonight, Thursday 5th February, 7.30 pm. Francesca Beasley & Antony John. The Leather Exchange, 15 Leathermarket Street, London Bridge, SE1 3HN. £5 / £3 conc.

Anyone who heard Francesca Beasley read last year at Openned will want to hear more. She was also one of the 'voices' in [...] UK premiere of Zukofsky's "A"-24 at Sussex University. She hair.

Antony John is a regular at Writers Forum and had work published recently in Veer Off. His work uses collaged found text as "a structural device that implicitly/glances and gestures, but are trapped/bullet hard, covered with a thin rime."

(5) There are some web sites that do a pretty good job channelling events. Especially Openned & Peter Philpott's page. & maybe Shearsman, Barque, Salt, Archive of the Now. But it bug my wee justices, if it's a shitload of effort to maintain something that could easily be 0.0001%-assed, & also it might be sweet to have a place where it wasn't mixed in with other stuff. So.