Saturday, 28 February 2009

From "Of the Law of Nature and Nations"

By Samuel von Pufendorf.

[...] the most wise Creator has implanted in the Minds of Men the Passion of Shame, to serve as it were for a Guard and Defence to Vertue, and for a Bridle to wicked Designs. And it is likewise probable, that unless GOD had design'd Man for an Angel, who was to frame his Proceedings by a Law, he would never have mingled such a Passion in Human Constitutions, since without that Supposition it do's not appear to be of any use at all in the World. But indeed, 'tis no manner of Contradiction, that a Moral Quality owing it's Original to Imposition, should produce in Man (tho' not directly and immediately) a Natural Effect. For the Soul being united by the closest ties to the Body, while it self apprehends Moral Concerns, and is affected with them, may at the same time easily raise a peculiar Motion in some part of the Body.

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