Monday, 5 January 2009

From "Alpha on Alpha Combat"

(I raise my hands to finish the sentence.. notice that in out-alphaing, you don't use alot of well thought out sentences.. its like even giving well thought out answers is too much.. this is like from JAP Busting posts where I answer "why did you ask me this" simply with ".. ..I'm talking" (with a funny face like "WTF is she thinking asking me this.. ) Then I do freeze out and turn my back on him. If he attempts to re-initiate, he's outalpha'ed, so must give up.. Also, if a guy answers with something too well thought out, I just smirk and go "whoa dude, that's pretty scientific" and immediately turn my back and freeze him out.. As usual, if he tries to get me to turn around by grabbing me, I run the "whoa dude, Club-477 (gay club here) is down there.. hands off the merchandise buddy, and if he replies I keep saying "man I'm not gay.. stop trying man, I'm not gay").

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