Tuesday, 27 January 2009

From Jared Armstrong's deposition

At Bizarro Central.

Page 355:

7 Q I have done some cursory research of some of
8 these Web sites. I looked at Mr. Mellick's Web site.
9 And there's something that strikes me as peculiar
10 about this case, and it's this: That I've seen you
11 twice, one time in court and one time here, to my
12 knowledge. Both times you've been dressed in a suit
13 and tie and you look very conservative --
14 A I am.
15 Q -- clean-cut, well-groomed, which is
16 inconsistent with the types of people -- for example,
17 Mr. Mellick doesn't look anything at all like you,
18 does he, his pictures is on his Web site?
19 A Well, he weighs probably a hundred pounds
20 more than I do.
21 Q He doesn't dress the way you do -- or he
22 doesn't dress the way you're dressed today, does he?
23 A Well, he doesn't have to go to work. He's a
24 writer.
25 Q Right. But in any photos you've seen of him,

Page 356:

1 have you ever seen him dressed the way that you're
2 dressed today?
3 A No, I don't think so.
4 Q And the --
5 A But I don't judge people by how they dress.
6 Q And the young men that you've been describing
7 the relationships you've had here with, all day today,
8 do any of them dress the way that you're dressed
9 today?
10 A Ole Stockly dresses fairly conservative, as
11 does Erik Ancell.
12 Q And is the way that you're dressed today the
13 way that you normally dress when you're doing whatever
14 you do in the relationships with the young men who
15 you've described?
16 A Do you mean like hiking or shooting or --
17 Q Anything.
18 A No, I don't usually dress like this for
19 recreational purposes.

Page 357:

5 Q Do you dress the way you're dressed today
6 when you go to that club, or when you went to that
7 club when it was open?
8 A No. But I have. One time I was somewhere
9 where I had to wear a suit, and I was in town anyways,
10 so I just wore the suit to the place. People thought
11 it was funny.

17 Q The type of music that you have described is
18 something that usually appeals to a younger crowd; is
19 it fair to say?
20 A No, not at all. I mean, I listen to Dead
21 Kennedys, which haven't put out an album -- well of
22 any -- they haven't put out a good album since 1990.
23 I mean, that was when I was 20 years old or so.
24 The Misfits, they broke up in what, '86? I
25 mean, that kind of music is what I grew up with, and

Page 358:

1 that's the same kind of music that's played in places
2 like Bitoz.
3 Q Is there a name for this kind of culture that
4 surrounds the club that you've been describing and the
5 people who enjoy reading books like Satan Burger and
6 that correspond with one other using the Internet?
7 A I don't know of any organization like that.
8 Q Well, is there a name for the culture? Have
9 you ever heard the term such as "cyberpunk"?
10 A Oh, yes, cyberpunk, uh-huh, sure. I haven't
11 heard that for years, but yeah. It was science
12 fiction fans from -- kind of sci-fi fans from years
13 ago.
14 Q And you're familiar with a culture just
15 called punk, right?
16 A Of course.

Page 361:

4 Q What was the content of Satan Burger that you
5 thought that he would find interesting in particular?
6 A Just the writing style, more than anything,
7 and the story of this bizarre future world where the
8 earth is overcrowded from these strange beings coming
9 to earth. And it's almost like Seinfeld for, you
10 know, punk rockers or something. It's kind of like
11 just a never-ending series of funny situations and
12 things like that.
13 Q How old were you when you first read Satan
14 Burger?
15 A I believe I was 36. And the author wrote it
16 when he was 17, so just a few years older than Landis.
17 Q In retrospect, after reaching January 17th,
18 2007, do you believe that there was anything
19 inappropriate about you giving that book to Landis
20 Tanaka?
21 A Inappropriate or illegal?
22 Q Inappropriate.
23 A Because we started with illegal.
24 Q I'm asking you about inappropriate.
25 A And now we're down to inappropriate, huh.

Page 362:

1 No, I don't think there was anything inappropriate for
2 Landis Tanaka in that book. I knew him, I knew him
3 fairly well, I talked to him on almost a daily basis.
4 He was more than intelligent enough to read that book,
5 keep those things in perspective that appear a little
6 bit weird, and enjoy the book. And he's a good
7 person. There's -- giving him a book like that
8 doesn't change people like that.
9 Q When you are associating with the young men
10 who you've testified about to today -- when I say
11 young men, I mean the young men who are under 20 years
12 old -- is your personality and demeanor and conduct
13 consistent with what you've expressed sitting here
14 today during your deposition?
15 A Yes. And you really should clarify
16 associating. That word has become very offensive to
17 me. Please.

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