Wednesday, 23 January 2008


I’m going to be irritating everyone with my useless experiments on the 16th of February at 14 Hour & actually so will Joe Dunthorne, John Osborne, Richard Tyrone Jones & Phil Istine & others probably.

Esther Leslie's delivering "On Touching & Not Touching Things Under Glass" at six this evening, Room NG14 Birkbeck. The Hiary bigs up the beer at Gavin Selerie’s Bright Scarf vent tomorrow – The Waterman's Arms, Water Lane, Richmond, at eight (it’s a “retrospective”?). There is a Perdika Press reading in Cambridge on the 28th. Andrew Brewerton & John Hall are launching books at The Calder Bookshop, 51 The Cut, from seven on Wednesday the 30th of January. At eight on Friday 1st of February, Alan Halsey & Clive Fencott will be performing texts for two voices, including all of Bill Griffiths' A History of the Solar System, at The Leather Exchange, Leathermarket Street, London Bridge. The people who La Langoustine Est Mort have got to be La Langoustine Est Mort for a bit will do so on Saturday the 2nd of Feb (q.v.). Kelvin Corcoran & Peter Hughes at Swedenborg Hall on Wednesday the 6th of February, & Kauphmann tase-groaning in Oxford & London on the 22nd & the 23rd (Fri & Sat).

But I’m only saying that because I’m a MENTALIST.

Tuesday, 22 January 2008

From "Tea for me and tea for you is tea for two"


Why do I destroy everything I touch? Because everything I touch, I touch really hard, over and over again, until it is broken.

Thursday, 17 January 2008

JH Prynne & Matthew Reynolds seminar on translation, 2-4 this Saturday at QMU in London.

Check it deep:

Wednesday, 16 January 2008

The insidious Baroness Masham seeks our Kingdom’s subversion by cleft or by club. Fuck up this poisoneress’s yuck, tonight.

Monday, 14 January 2008

Saturday, 12 January 2008

Most months at The Griffin, Leonard Street, nearest tube probably Old Street - 14 Hour presents an evening featuring poets, eclectic acoustica and garage-punk DJs - free entry - starts at 7pm - January 12th (tonight) includes Tamsin Kendrick, Emma Robertson of Littlest Birds, Dockers MC (can I have that with a flake), Angela Cleland and the alt-folk intricacies of Ruth Theodore, plus garage-punk and psych from DJs Defecting Grey and The Terrible Dr. Tumnus of Trespass Magazine.

Wednesday, 9 January 2008

I Hurt Huckabee

"What is the secular basis of women? Practical need, self-interest. What is the worldly ideology of the woman? Huckstering. What is her worldly God? Money."

Clinton, the segmental sensei, responding to Huckabee's The Feminish Question, with cutup critique.

"From the outset, the male was the theorizing woman, the woman is, therefore, the practical male, and the practical male has become a woman again."

Saturday, 5 January 2008

Poetics of Globalisation Workshop

Centre for Contemporary Writing, University of Southampton

Poetics of Globalisation Workshop, Wednesday 9th January 2008, 1-4.30,
Rm 1095, Avenue Campus

This is the second workshop in our 'Poetics of Globalisation' series.

These workshops explore what the debates around globalisation mean for literary studies, particularly for the politics and aesthetics of representation. This workshop is structured through two roundtable discussions and short papers will be delivered in each.

Session 1: 1 -2.30

A Global Poetics?

This session will examine what the vocabulary of the global contributes to our understanding of contemporary poetry. Questions to be explored include:

How does poetry offer strategies for conceptualising a knowledge of the global, the local, the particular? How does poetry alter our awareness of what constitutes such knowledge?

What role do existing political and cultural categories - of the national, transnational and supranational - play in our understanding of aesthetics and representation?

Romana Huk (University of Notre Dame), "Global site-ation: Downsides
and alternatives"

Caroline Bergvall (University of Southampton), 'On Glissant's poetics
of relation'

Andrea Brady (QM), 'The Totality of Relations'

2.30 - 3: Coffee

Session 2: 3-4.30

Art and Activism on the Borders

This session will examine specific examples of the intersection between political crisis and narratives of the global. Questions to be addressed include:

What is the relationship between cultural practice and political activism?

How do global narratives work within and upon contested political boundaries?

Louise Owen (QM), 'Artangel's Exodus'

Lucy Watson (University of Southampton), 'Women and International Aid'