Thursday, 7 August 2008


& Hazel Smith.

Tonight, Xing the Line, The Leather Exchange, Leathermarket Street, London, 7.30. Go yo.

Also I am pissed to just miss Chris Goode’s cover sessions in Edinburgh. Underjerk. More info on his blog post pp. 804-5. But then definitely, definitely Darning Jilly, running 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 August in C Soco after lunch. Written by Aerin Davidson & directed by Sophie Robinson & Tom Pinhorn.

My most powerful and trusted friends:

1. Sam Andrews, 30 points (status: somebody)
2. Céline Jacobs, 29 points (status: somebody)
3. April Swain, 25 points (status: somebody)
4. Henry Lindsay, 24 points (status: somebody)
5. Nick Carbo, 23 points (status: somebody)
6. Stewart Home, 23 points (status: somebody)
7. Rosalie Leach, 22 points (status: somebody)
8. Samantha Beale, 22 points (status: somebody)
9. Leah Moore, 22 points (status: somebody)
10. Philip Nikolayev, 21 points (status: somebody)

I am at position #202.

I’m doing some readings. On Saturday the 16th August I’m the trauma bard at a yoghurt-fletcher’s ball in a Homerton glittersquat. Entrance by invite & I have these invites & I’m not going out of my way to invite anyone so if you want one yo girl wanna hang hit me back holla. Sunday 31st August, with Liz Bentley, Tom Bell, Kirsten Irvinga, Saran Green, at Utter, Arcola Theatre, Dalston, from 5. And me & Jonathan Styles & maybe F. Kruk are also doing things on 21st December, 3-5 in Café Oto Dalston. That’s the goat’s birthday.

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