Monday, 25 August 2008

jonathan stevenson's facebook quotations

"As soon as I walked in I felt everything was going to be alright."

"I am from IRAN. My neighbor to the east, AFGHANISTAN, does not remember one year without war in 50 years, and my neighbor to the west, IRAQ, is covered with blood. Now it looks like the time has come for my country--IRAN. What can I do to save my family? What can I do to save my home, to save my country? I can do nothing. What about you?"

"There weren't enough shovels"

"Failure to protest robs us of our most important source of power and completely undercuts our story. The absence of significant protest against U.S. climate policy and continuing engagement in polite civic discourse tells Americans eloquently and emphatically that we don't really believe what we are saying."

"Everybody leaves /
If they get the chance"

"I've yet to see the official photo, taken by a man on top of a ladder, but from my position just a few feet lower, it seemed doomed to fail visually - as do most such clever ideas thought up by publicists."

"I'm probably not the first to suggest this, but could Boris be Lord Mayor instead? That way he gets to wear a funny costume and go to lots of posh dinners etc., but he's only responsible for one square mile."

"We're all fucked. I'm fucked. You're fucked. The whole department's fucked. It's been the biggest cock-up ever and we're all completely fucked."

"One day/ it will happen"

"It is not that reality doesn't exist - it is more that by itself it doesn't really matter."

"You're disgusting, but I love you.
Well, my disgustingness is my best feature."

"By taking action wearing traditional burglar outfits we hope to highlight the outrageous theft of the Iraqi people's oil"

"In the time between my short haircut and my long haircut, I like to stay worthwhile"

"Don't get any big ideas/
They're not gonna happen"


Jeremy said...

"Oh, how I wish I was young again / Young again, young again"

Dorothy said...

"I have spoken to Kishwa and she said that no they don't have the right to come into the property when doing a bail check, they don't have the right to break your door down, and they don't have the right to arrest you for obstruction and DS Bull is a wanker."

Isobel said...

"Combining information about others' physical beauty with information about how attracted they appear to be to you allows you to allocate your social effort efficiently"

Jonathan said...

"Gabriel Carlyle has been here the whole time and reports that the general public's reception has been pretty good. 'There are always a few wankers, but the majority of people want the troops withdrawn,' he says."

Jonathan said...

"Greedy bankers had another losing night on the roulette tables yesterday as giant US investment firm Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy and Wall Street financiers demanded that the state bail out their losses."