Saturday, 3 May 2008

an open letter to anthony mayer

The nod of democracy. Meanwhile, it would be a distortion of the schematic disjunction between sociology and jurisprudence to say that The Exception has no juristic significance, and is therefore "sociology," since (according to the same GLA site) more than 400,000 spoilt second preference votes were counted yesterday. Unless ballots without second preferences are categorised as "rejected"? Either way, it would still totally be a distortion of the schematic disjunction between sociology and jurisprudence going around saying that The Exception has no juristic significance and is therefore "sociology." Imagine if Brian "hey guyth wait for me I'm such a thpazz!" Paddick had said that, would he maybe have had an onion badji's fighting chance? - would he have had a spring roll's under, say, Pop Idol rules? London uses a supplementary vote system so Paddick was never to bathe in the dubious benefits of London's congealed & agglomerate "I suppose you'll do"-geist. Go to the Internet and click on the blue link, you'll see another voting system pop up. The jerk data we sucked into our primary schools can be interpreted in many ways and I should like to. If you, Anthony Mayer, and your withering staff leave our will piled in the Balmer cul-de-sac I will recount it by as many methods as it takes to put either queen Left or Green on the Sub-horny Quittor throne. Democracy is the subjectification of triumph, in friction with the material, through agon, dispute, or weeping, wanking and paper cuts ("the Political"). It is that, not the despised business of a dubious class of crystalline person - I really mean it this time.


chris c paul said...

400,000 spoiled second preferences?

Jow Lindsay said...

I think it's got to be just a slightly weird presentation of the results:

if you look constituency by constituency, the rejected second preference votes always exceeds the no second preference, suggests maybe it's just listed twice. BUT the BNP newsletter seems to have picked up on the same thing & they're usually right so

x.- said...

I hate Anthony Mayer.

The Metro Pictures Corporation and Goldwyn Pictures had all the talent.

Mayer was just a charlatan who came up with the idea of having the lion in their logo.