Friday, 4 April 2008

aesthetics, value & transitivity

If I liked Corless-Smith better than I did Styles, & Styles better than I did Raworth, should I then like Corless-Smith better than I did Raworth?

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Kevin Dye said...

It depends on the semantics of your use of the term "like" and that in turn will depend on the context of the transitive relation being inquired about. For example, if the context of "like" is you are in a store and the question is which one you would rather buy, then the real relation is "preference to buy" and your A>B, B>C therefore A>C holds. But if by "like" you mean something like "love" then it may not hold because love is not a transitive relation, it is meso-transitive. Again it depends on the context of the question. It may also depend on the focus on the aspect of the artist one is considering versus the overall gestalt of the aesthetic experience with the Artist.