Sunday, 9 March 2008

"73 Suspect Words." "This three-minute film consists of nothing but credits: director, producer, department heads, lawyers, consultants, accountants, administrators, executive administrators, assistant administrators and the end title. The perfect satire of bureaucracy." From Rich Cante's "Giving An Account Of One's Jargon." "On the Authenticity of Jargon: From Barthes and Adorno to Godard." The first issue of World Picture. A lot of the text in the fug we did at Xing the Line on Friday was from Keston Sutherland's essay "Marx in Jargon" in that issue. The rest was more-or-less by Bernard Noël trans. Paul Buck, by Villon trans. Rodefer, by Craig Dworkin (quoting Peter Manson's Adjunct), Lara Buckerton and John Wieners. It didn't sound how I'd imagined it which was like this.

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