Thursday, 28 February 2008

Two vents:

Rfest shoulda put a Palin & Wilko slot on obv. but, mehmech. Eggham, Saturday, & a partial agenda is:

11:00-12:30 Redell Olsen Poetic practice £5/£3 workshop
12:30-1:30 MA Poetic Readings Practice students
2:00-3:30 Rosheen Brennan, Sophie Robinson, Stephen Willey
2:00-3:30 Write Around Runnymede
4:00-5:00 Marianne Morris, Keston Sutherland
5:00-6:00 Geoff Ward, John Wilkinson

If you were John Wilkinson what would you write next?

His ear was shredded by gauze mistaken for fragrant smoke, that baptismal mishap conferring at once horrifying power & terrible burden all à la Timely Comics et al. – which is not always the case.

So decide; would you write one big unit, or some kind of sequence or jumble or system of units? If the latter, what repertoire of forms would discriminate your organelles & what regime join them? What pronouns would you use & what tenses? How would time work in it? Would you enter into negotiations with the archaistic? With myth? With pathology? Obscenity? Voices? Tragedy? The thing to know about poems associated with Cambridge University is that the final year of its undergraduate English is dominated by a compulsory exam on Tragedy. The slit with which you graffitoed Aeschylus’ colon – how loose would be the social knowledge sedimented into its being or not being ordained a Jap’s? How rapidly and how securely would you prefer your readers to identify subjects? Where would affect lie? What would the relata be? The actors? Would you try to think system? How would it change Oort's Cloud and how Sarn Helen? Would you use oblique views and fetish granados again? Would you mind being evocative or grand? You would warp the warp, but would you tarp the tarp?

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JS said...

I'd make three new words like I just did:


and designate them accordingly. Wadder lineup...