Saturday, 5 January 2008

Poetics of Globalisation Workshop

Centre for Contemporary Writing, University of Southampton

Poetics of Globalisation Workshop, Wednesday 9th January 2008, 1-4.30,
Rm 1095, Avenue Campus

This is the second workshop in our 'Poetics of Globalisation' series.

These workshops explore what the debates around globalisation mean for literary studies, particularly for the politics and aesthetics of representation. This workshop is structured through two roundtable discussions and short papers will be delivered in each.

Session 1: 1 -2.30

A Global Poetics?

This session will examine what the vocabulary of the global contributes to our understanding of contemporary poetry. Questions to be explored include:

How does poetry offer strategies for conceptualising a knowledge of the global, the local, the particular? How does poetry alter our awareness of what constitutes such knowledge?

What role do existing political and cultural categories - of the national, transnational and supranational - play in our understanding of aesthetics and representation?

Romana Huk (University of Notre Dame), "Global site-ation: Downsides
and alternatives"

Caroline Bergvall (University of Southampton), 'On Glissant's poetics
of relation'

Andrea Brady (QM), 'The Totality of Relations'

2.30 - 3: Coffee

Session 2: 3-4.30

Art and Activism on the Borders

This session will examine specific examples of the intersection between political crisis and narratives of the global. Questions to be addressed include:

What is the relationship between cultural practice and political activism?

How do global narratives work within and upon contested political boundaries?

Louise Owen (QM), 'Artangel's Exodus'

Lucy Watson (University of Southampton), 'Women and International Aid'

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Paul said...

I have enjoyed airing work by caroline bergvall and andrea brady on my Wordsalad radio show, broadcast in Madison, Wisconsin
I invite anyone creating compelling word art to submit audio for air play.
pabaker55 at sbcglobal dot net