Wednesday, 23 January 2008


I’m going to be irritating everyone with my useless experiments on the 16th of February at 14 Hour & actually so will Joe Dunthorne, John Osborne, Richard Tyrone Jones & Phil Istine & others probably.

Esther Leslie's delivering "On Touching & Not Touching Things Under Glass" at six this evening, Room NG14 Birkbeck. The Hiary bigs up the beer at Gavin Selerie’s Bright Scarf vent tomorrow – The Waterman's Arms, Water Lane, Richmond, at eight (it’s a “retrospective”?). There is a Perdika Press reading in Cambridge on the 28th. Andrew Brewerton & John Hall are launching books at The Calder Bookshop, 51 The Cut, from seven on Wednesday the 30th of January. At eight on Friday 1st of February, Alan Halsey & Clive Fencott will be performing texts for two voices, including all of Bill Griffiths' A History of the Solar System, at The Leather Exchange, Leathermarket Street, London Bridge. The people who La Langoustine Est Mort have got to be La Langoustine Est Mort for a bit will do so on Saturday the 2nd of Feb (q.v.). Kelvin Corcoran & Peter Hughes at Swedenborg Hall on Wednesday the 6th of February, & Kauphmann tase-groaning in Oxford & London on the 22nd & the 23rd (Fri & Sat).

But I’m only saying that because I’m a MENTALIST.

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