Friday, 2 November 2007

What do people think? Can a beard hold you back in a City firm?

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chris c paul said...

Not if it is relatively short, and you wear a bow tie everyday. With a pink shirt. If, in addition to this you know a great deal about hedge funds and structured corporate finance, then you may be on track for a great career.
A safer, more conservative option however would be to go the clean shaven route, and have facial plastic surgery modelling you on Peter Jones.
If you perfect the bellowing of the name "Rupert" at the top of your posh public school voice at times of stress, this helps too.
Unless you are a trader. In which case it is permissible to be "wide". Even if you come from Surrey you can pretend you come from Essex. This gives you a veneer of macho-confidence which insecure buyers respond well to psychologically. All you need to is a good mockney accent. Beards are unacceptable, but designer stubble is fine.
Despite the elevation of glass ceilings, and better recruitment practices per se, there is still gender imbalance in the city. Therefore the most accesible career for women is as Financial Secretary. This role basically consists of telling anyone trying to reach your boss by phone that "he is unavailable and currently in meetings, abroad, for the next month" while surfing the net. If you have a good pair of legs and a naughty school girl look you can earn circa 40K a year, with experience. Obvioulsy a beard is a real drawback for potential financal secretaries, and tend to be frowned uopn.

Regardeless of talent any beard longer than Noel Edmonds is out. Anything resembling Marx or Santa is a real no-no.

Ok, hope this helps.