Wednesday, 24 October 2007

A Note on Redwall (2/3)

  • Killconey the ferret is sometimes referred to as male, but other times as female, which is a printing error.
  • Matthias was able to land in the mouth of a cat, indicating that the cat/mouse sizes were the same as in real life.
  • A horse was big enough to draw a cart that carried an entire army of rats.
  • Constance the badger was described as far bigger than the mice and rats repeatedly, able to carry a fish in her mouth that the mice couldn't move. She also lifted a table, and was able to outfight rats while unarmed.
  • Foxes are indicated in Redwall as not inherently evil. It is mentioned that Abbot Mortimer used to trade tomes with "wandering healer foxes". Sela The Vixen's brood of foxes was referred to as a bad lot, indicating that they were an exception and not the norm. In all later books in the series, there has never been reference to good foxes.

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