Sunday, 25 November 2007

Look at meee!: notes on Cambridge Poetry (4/5)

14. DIGRESSION. The strings are some of the propositions so evidently agreeable to it, and so heartlike to its chest that nobody can deny them to be drawn from thence; yet also Performance Writing; the Mouthy & Inky Existence of a Poem; its Defamiliarisations; the Life of its Author; the Thinness of its Membrane; HOWE’S Impasse; Google; Bathos; Posterity; Comedy; Situationism: Er Now What?; Dada: Gub Now What?; and other hairs, are inside it, whose reach, and knottiness, and place, I give my detractors to extract to research; to make spectacle of how little they thwart me; but let school-men pass.

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