Sunday, 25 November 2007

Look at meee!: notes on Cambridge Poetry (3/5)

12. I own that the unnameable thing which is as unnamed by Cambridge Poetry as by New Textual Obscurantism, (& unnamed, more or less, by privative,) wants precise boundaries. It wants, I confess, even a heart; yet it is shot through with numerable heart strings, that I call Difficulty, Complicities, Philosophic Song, Utopia, and Syncrenism.

13. Connected with Difficulty, there is Researches, whereof JARVIS spilt his ink, & Stupor, whereon SUTHERLAND his quill, for a Quid. Read also PRYNNE’S For The Monogram, & MANSON’s Adjunct. There is also annexed Accessibility, which calls “Why, what a king is this!”, so ASTLEY & PATERSON go to it. Why man, they made love to this employee! But let this of love pass.

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