Saturday, 24 November 2007

Look at meee!: notes on Cambridge Poetry (1/5)

For We, or wii; I have not the text in hand.

1. I have been five years among the poets, they hold publicly their bunches, in the city of London, oftener than the saints had days; I learnt to murmur today to thus-and-such’s back, how grossly he’s imposed, with a great hope, of his tomorrow murmuring it to mine.

2. This partage of attention, after the fashion of those loaves, and fishes, that our maker parted, poets have made practicable with a compact, either express or tacit, that includes one duty in special, either necessary over a poet, or closely joined with his preservation, of subscription to Listserv, e.g. UKPoetry that is administered by TUMA.

3. On UKPoetry, those disputes that are managed by a several and inconsistent law, are determined, in the initial offsets of law on law, to converge to tabletalk, or bend their nerves to bloodshed; “Doth this milf seem sour to you?”, &c.; but let us see what the duty of lament requires.

4. I concern myself so closely with the sociological, what the crass call the contingent ground of our labours, through my mask of BRIDWELL, that when I hang her up to go to my bed, she yet tics with those beliefs, in the darkness with hisses like grains down an hour-glass.

5. Bridwell’s network today is trod by the judicious CRITCHLEY, SCHULTZ & RILEY, & many others, & I am frighted, by the sudden enlargement of its traffic & the widening of habitual ways for unfamiliar freight, to consider what waste I might make use of, to regain solitude, and sovereignty.

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