Thursday, 1 November 2007

Friday 2 November, 8 pm: Crossing the Line / double book launch:

Tim Atkins's "Damn!" && walks into the bathroom –
had a lot of friends calling him in – so his face
is savede as, but yeah basically shouldn't have been
"spat"-vacuuming the eggcup I
now want to fight an electrical fire with.
So makes "A word, once sent abroad,
flies irrevocably" & "my wine
doesn't mellow / in a Laestrygonian vat" look
back like it did before.

As for his friend. Do these ones. Bed rooms. Hall way.
Never meet tns&$^)(*%huaesnt!)&$ha[l[foeuce asnothuen
an English Oulipoem I liked. Do boo the cud
bis going by with aped ids.
Girls who eat their feelings, girls who
don't some macrophage aisles
predator ramp he slit taught meat home . . . closes
her robe and
glides to jagged moves of quaker. All in
Philip Terry's needs, right?

Upstairs at The Horseshoe Inn
26 Melior Street
London Bridge

3 min walk from London Bridge tube: use the St Thomas Street exit.

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