Monday, 22 October 2007



Saturday 27th October, 10-7.
Queen Mary & Westfield College,
Mile End Road, E1.

Near Mile End / Stepney Green / my specklike landlady's house.

ROOM 304

12 noon – 2pm
Were the first humans anarchists?
Radical Anthropology Group

2pm – 3pm
Anarchist Quiz
Martin Howard - Freedom
Teams up to five

3pm – 4pm
Resisting the Olympics - Tenant Resistance to Global Property Speculation Techniques in London's East End
Gascoyne Estate (Hackney) Tenants' Association

4pm – 5pm
Casualisation: What is it and how to fight it.
South London Solidarity Federation

5pm – 6pm
Setting Up & Maintaining a Local Anarchist Newsletter
The Gagged Collective (South Wales)

ROOM 305
12 noon – 1pm
'An Anarchist FAQ'

1pm – 2pm
The Myth of the Nation - Nationalism and Fascism

2pm – 3pm
Housing Co-ops, worker co-ops, social centres and Radical Routes - a quick guide
Organised by Radical Routes Housing Co-ops

3pm – 4pm
The NHS is 60 – a subversive history
Organised by Radical History Network of North East London

4pm – 5pm
Anarchist world revolution ...

5pm – 6pm
Organising as healthworkers IWW (UK) IU 610

ROOM 306

12 noon – 1pm
What is the relationship between Art and Anarchism?
Barry O'Dea

1pm – 2pm
Preserving our Cultural History

2pm – 3pm
Workers Councils – Fortresses of Freedom?
Workers Council Socialism

3pm – 4pm
Overcoming Alienation: From commodity fetishism to freely associated labour

4pm – 5pm
Why anarchists should organise locally
Haringey Solidarity Group

5pm – 6pm
Building A Revolutionary Union for Education Workers.
Education Workers' Network

ROOM 324

12 noon – 1pm
Activist Trauma Support

1pm -2pm
community activism: co-operation without compromise?
Haringey Solidarity Group & Workers Solidarity Movement

2pm – 3pm
Men and feminism Workshop (everyone welcome!)
Social Ecology London.

3pm – 4pm
Organising for Anarchy
Anarchist Federation

4pm – 5pm
The Other Campaign - Mexico and beyond.

5pm – 6pm
An introduction to Direct Action Casework
London Coalition Against Poverty

ROOM 325

12 noon – 1pm
Red Black and Green - An Introduction to Social Ecology
Social Ecology London

1pm – 2pm
The Summit Against Everything Voices of Resistance from Occupied London

2pm – 3pm
Bash the Rich
Ian Bone

3pm – 4pm
Militant Research & Radical Theory

4pm – 5pm
Launch and Talk by new autonomous class struggle magazine

5pm – 6pm
Anarchism and The State of Terror


12 noon – 1pm
Camden Parasites by Daniel Lux

2pm – 3pm
Rossport Solidarity Camp: Anarchists and community struggle in the west of Ireland.

3pm – 4pm
No Borders

4pm – 5pm
Doing it ourselves – Workshops for changing the world


12 noon – 1pm
No Sweat and IWW
Fight Back Against Starbucks

1pm – 2.30pm
Armed resistance to Francoism
Stuart Christie

3pm – 4pm
How the Working Class Went Global
Paul Mason, author of Live Working or Die Fighting

4pm – 5.30pm
My Dearest Enemy, My Dangerous Friend
Dorothy Rowe


Lecture Room 2
11am - 12 noon
The Battle For Broadway Market. 2006
Emily James, 58 mins.

12noon - 12.30pm
Underground Londoners - cleaning the London Underground
Dagmar Diesner and Klara Jaya Brekke, 29 mins

12.50pm - 2pm
"Our Oil and Other Tales"
Elisabetta Andreoli, Gabriele Muzio, Sara Muzio, Max Pugh

2pm - 2.30pm
Raise the Rates
Ontario Coalition Against Poverty

2.45pm - 4pm
Occupying Nothingness

4pm - 6pm
Las Libertarias
Vicente Aranda 2004


DUSIE said...

I always feelSslightly amused when seeing anarchists congregate!

DUSIE said...

i feel... not feelS! hehe

Jow Lindsay said...

eh companero Doozy, yr eremite asocial anarchist inaction figure is total passe ... these days all about the lattice-stacked anarchrist hymen pyramids ... yr slight amusement however is timeless ... xJ