Saturday, 6 October 2007

The Small Publishers Fair

Event takes place next Friday and Saturday, during the day at the Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, London, nearest tube Holborn. I’ll be on a stall representing for yt communication, Bad Press, Openned, Barque Press, & Les Figues w/ maybe one or two cudbots from Critical Documents, Arehouse.

Saturday’s readings:

2.00 Sophie Robinson (Americat triumphant, will waddle in heraldically rampant & do the whole reading like that), Rosheen Brennan (says in spectacular finale she'll morph to a civil serpent before your cozened eyes, thinx there are “emergency exits open in her night” (Jeremy Reed) but hasn’t read Misery (Stephen King) closely enough), Steve Willey (something’s snapped inside him – see what’s left), John Sparrow (promised not to breathe lattices of luminous pre-linguistic jelly again then laughed)
2.30 John Bevis (not John Bevis but John Bevi, pl., live on their backs on the sea)
3.00 Eugen Gomringer, talk and reading (no data on this operative: assume he ghost wrote To Pollen)
4.00 Ken Edwards & David Miller (Ken may army at us, bare; David always frisbees mouthfeel discs where they don’t belong)
4.30 Les Coleman (when he is old, he will warp purple)
5.30 Jeff Hilson (the only American ever buried at the Kremlin) & Marianne Morris (pissed so hard on a lamppost it fell down, nailing in a bollard) & maybe Mike Sutherland Wallace-Hadrill (toy gid), & maybe Emily Critchley (sloe djinn) in the audience
&& final slot, Ulli Freer, me Crotter Crotter & others (Adrian Clarke?) ...

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