Friday, 12 October 2007

I Am Not Feeling Well

I have been exposed rapidly to three major publications chocka with scene & interests. VEER AWAY glossy, A4, fragrant, Ceri Buckmaster, Aodan McCardle, Anthony John, Ulli Freer, Mike Weller, Diana Godden, John Sparrow, Doug Jones, Sean Bonney, William Rowe, Morris Scully, Stephen Mooney, Jeff Hilson, Carol Watts, Bill Griffiths, Lawrence Upton, James Harvey, Harry Gilonis, Redell Olsen, John Hall, Natalie Dung, Piers Hugill and Adrian Clarke. Seems to me editorial blame lies mainly with Mooney, though Rowe, Hugill, McCardle etc. are in the background somehow. Free. A tentacled Polaroid suggestive of the London scene. Some visual stuff & some slightly visual stuff (e.g. Freer, Sparrow & Bonney). Some lyric. Some concrete (e.g. Harvey, sort of). Some cutup (e.g. John, Weller at least), procedure, permutation, iteration stuff. Translation (e.g. Bonney, extremely sort of, Gilonis, Rowe). An interest akin to pyschogeography (e.g. Mooney, Hugill). Prose from me, VEER AWAY “[y]ou easily extracted my juices.” (The dodo died. Then Di died, and Dodi died and Dando died . . . Dido’s dildo died down . . . Dodie must be shitting herself. “Your cunt organizes itself into the shape of a face”). Ceri Buck’s transcription of her notes from a panel about art & activism & then from a squatted social centre is “almost magnificent but definitely, definitely, not quite” (Chris Goode about something by Kent Johnson) &, you know, its labour is identical with that cognition most intimately entangled with political agency . . . isn’t it? Sets a high bar between critique and cud critique, right? C’mon guys let’s play ball & win this thing.

Pilot is a box of booklets by Simon Perril, Sean Bonney, Emily Critchley, Kai Fierle-Hedrick, Matt Ffytche, Giles Goodland, Jeff Hilson, Piers Hugill, Reitha Pattison, Frances Kruk, Natalie Scargill, Marianne Morris, Scott Thurston, Neil Pattison, Sophie Robinson, & Harriet Tarlo. It’s fucking marvellous – I’m just trying to get some cluster spirit going. I think the original title of one of Marianne’s poems “On The Third Day Joe Rose Again” has been little improved by this Ingrid. Emily Critchley is conducting a kind of “The Nymph's Sociopoetic Intervention in the Passionate Shepherd” (James Harvey & Natalie Dung) through When I Say I Believe Women i.e. she is questioning the strength and extension of the claim that texts like, say, “Scum” (Will Rowe) are somehow alike to texts like, say, “La Belle Dame Sans Mercy” (Keats); that is, she is trying to administer a stain to the family resemblance vouchsafed in the signifier“poetry.” One of the things about canonical poetry is that we are not surprised to see it again. Distribution in actual lattices of hermeneutic sails and membranes, she find out about it, all my fault. It (Pilot) gives me less the vibe of a box set, which it physically resembles, than that of having a lot of e.g. those Very Short Introductions To … s, a kind of satisfying sense of a benign manifold, carefully fairly laissez-faire, with just enough homogenising cosmetic interference to foreground distinctions among its aesthetic cores. Laps. The retro-crap magic trick diagrams used for the covers interested me; because they give a way in to the work; & because they're this weird combination of explanatory and obfuscatory.

Plantarchy, advance copy with the edge all gloopy, looks nuts. Haven’t got it with me now, but I remember it was full of Britishers. Pretty sure Frances Kruk, Sean Bonney, Rachel Smith, Piers Hugill, & Camille PB or coupons coupons maybe. Keith Tuma’s poem “I am not Jow Lindsay” a fucking idiotic lie. Allen Fisher on William Burroughs. An e-mail from Keston Sutherland speculatively slagging off Vispo. This interview with Helen Bridwell – uncorrupted by booklearning, & that chastity peaking with respect to the term “immanent critique” around which her interview mainly swivels – somehow seems OK when it appears here; hextic.

Maybe more when I’ve read them.

Mini-update: Plantarchy: "Work by Frances Kruk, Allen Fisher, Susan M. Schultz, Piers Hugill, Camille PB, Kent Johnson, Kirsten Lavers, Helen Bridwell, Stephen Perkins, Peter Manson, Keith Tuma, Caroline Bergvall, Linda V. Russo, Sean Bonney, Rachel Smith and more."

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