Thursday, 4 October 2007

From "Black Mask & Up Against The Wall Motherfucker"

[...] WEEI: Where are you from?
Ben Morea: I’m from New York.
WEEI: Why are you in Boston?
Ben Morea: I moved to Boston. I intend to stay here.
WEEI: How long have you been here?
Ben Morea: Oh, about a week.
WEEI: You say you moved to Boston, did you take up residence? Do you work? What attracted you to Boston?
Ben Morea: The hip community here was under a kind of pressure that existed in other places around the country and I felt that the pressure should be resisted every place . . . Therefore I feel strongly that other members of the hip community all over the country have a need to defend the existence of the Boston hip community.
WEEI: Would you say you came here more to join the community or to fight the Establishment?
Ben Morea: They’re the same thing.
Ben Morea: Oh, yes they are.
WEEI: The same as what?
Ben Morea: We feel that the existence of the hip community itself is fighting the Establishment.
WEEI: In other words, then you set up the hip community as a kind of violent, oppressive . . . They certainly don’t seem passive. They represent the overthrow of the Establishment.
Ben Morea: There are many means of overthrow. I don’t reject violence. At the same time, I don’t see violence as a possibility for building what we want.
Christian Science Monitor: How do you plan on and how do you describe the concept of love and acceptance and honesty in reference to the hippie community that is known to be apolitical? How do you feel that this has to be reoriented? regarding what you just said for self-defense?
Ben Morea: Well I don’t find the idea of self-defense or even violence contrary to the idea of love . . . I don’t feel that that community is specifically a love community, but is a total community. And in order to be total, we understand that that means all elements of living. We don’t reject one element or the other. What we would want, the ideals we want, specifically is to create the kind of life that doesn’t need violence. I don’t like violence, but at the same time we recognize that to be full men, we don’t have a need to reject any part of living . . . If we are attacked, we don’t submit to attack. That is what the press would like to make believe the hip community does . . . The hip community is not the pacifist movement that exists in America. It’s a different thing. The hip community is a full community, a culture, a way of life, a way of existing. It’s not just a tactic or a means, or another form of pacifism. Many people in the hip community are pacific and would not use violence. But there are others in the hip community who feel that we must defend those values that we pose as an alternative to American values.
WEEI: Would you come in and set up your way of life in the midst of another way of life and take it over? Physically take over land that other people had used for other purposes?
Ben Morea: American society took over land from the Indians.
WEEI: Well, you’re not an Indian.
Ben Morea: We are all Indians. All of us are Indians. We are the return of the Indians.
WEEI: You are the return of the Indians?
Ben Morea: That’s right. You destroyed those people.
WEEI: I didn’t destroy those people.
Ben Morea: You destroyed those people with your culture which is the sickest culture that ever existed. Understand? You destroyed those people physically, culturally, and in every way you could. We who grew up in your society now know what you did, and we feel more affinity with them than with you. We are their descendants, we’re not your descendants.
WEEI: How old are you?
Ben Morea: 26
WEEI: You’re older than I am. So it’s your culture, not mine. (The reporter exits.) [...]

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