Monday, 1 October 2007

Buffalo & Providence

Tuesday, October 2, Firehouse 13 (41 Central St., Providence, RI), 8pm. Sean Bonney, Frances Kruk, Sophie Robinson and Joshua Strauss.

The organisers comment: "When I say Yt Communication, I mean three London poets: Sean Bonney, Frances Kruk, Sophie Robinson. They're actually not just from London they're from Hackney and they're not just from Hackney, they're from Armed Hackney, and they're not just from Armed Hackney, they're from the Payback & Affinity Yt Crackers Wing Commando Lineament Bee of Armed Hackney, which has to do with making known that their poetry will make your already-glowing SHIT Actually Flicker 2-Dimensionally. SO. These "poets", being my friends and allies in a world of Finite Love, these Poets being the generative pattern emanating from the ground beneath all the best stuff thereby making them a primary node in the international lattice-aura homotrope, these POETS will be reading poems loudly and showing films and making sounds with machines and distributing small small press books and essentially handing out receipts to the recognized. If you're there and you understand then you'll understand. Doors @ 7, live music by The Gentleman, and all of it featuring the discrete physician Joshua Strauss (Buffalo). Snacks too and a cash bar. Little donation at door."

Dust pees frog:

Thursday September 27, Rust Belt Books (202 Allen St., Buffalo), 7pm. Sean Bonney, Frances Kruk, Sophie Robinson and Ric Royer.

Friday September 28, Adam Mickiewicz Library (612 Fillmore Ave., Buffalo), 8pm. Launch readings given by contributors to P-Queue, Damn the Caesars, and Pilot.

Crucial hype.

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Sean Bonney said...

major triumph in buffalo. 'best reading in ten years' said someone. now its the haunted woods. tree skin.