Saturday, 25 August 2007

The Postanarchism Reader

"Post-structuralist anarchism, or what more often has been referred to as postanarchism, never quite received the attention that it deserved from the anarchist community at large. Nor has it to any great extent been met with sympathy. Part of the reluctance, I suspect, results from the empty spaces occupying the bookshelves of universities, alternative bookstores, and radical lending libraries across the world today – all of which are awaiting the publication of this volume, The postanarchism reader: writings at the intersection of anarchism and poststructuralism. But, most ironically, this problem has arisen simultaneously with a proliferation of related articles across disparate disciplines; a tradition built around such heterogeneity runs the risk of erecting its own tombstone. The deadline for current paper proposals is December of 2007. Contributions from many writers have already been secured, however we are still searching for a few more. We are looking for work/play which either explicitly addresses a post(structuralist) anarchist political approach, as in the case of Jason Adam's "Postanarchismin a nutshell", or work/play which creatively deals with both poststructuralist and anarchist theories within the same essay. If you or somebody you know would like to contribute, please contact me by email at Duane.Rousselle(at) [...]"

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