Friday, 20 July 2007

To do

While the blog was hidden I thought I might finish some fragments. But I wasn't finishing anything so here it is again, for a bit anyway. Francis Crot's blog is still private, because I guess he might want to publish some of it some day, but if you want a look just say & I'll add you. The most grating fragmentation is the incomplete set of fragments on Andrew Motion's poem, the incomplete set of fragments on Simon Jarvis's The Unconditional, and the half-hearted plunders of Don't Start Me Talking and the most recent Chicago Review; labels are also poisonously carefree. I want to add How the Pig Got His Face to the set I've been blogging from Kipling's PCP notebook. It establishes contexts for How The Doggie Got His Egg Tooth. FUCK OFF YOU’RE BOTHERING MY FUCKING CUSTOMERS. Promises regarding John Cayley's "Demons of Imposition" and Andrew Duncan's Chicago Review map may yet be kept. Leer peaks harmonise & this unfortunate crafty moment sickens Sarah. See that star? It’s our star. It winks out. Probably behind a cloud.

We wait about 10 min.

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