Saturday, 21 April 2007

That Night at the Torriano Meeting House (4/4)

Alyson had it going on also. I think I liked the unpublished poems best, tall stacks of stackables – images, mostly. The speaker’s consciousness in these is almost fully absorbed into her objects. The flanneur function shading into the researcher and journalist functions (you know, ‘lifestyle’-style ‘soft’ journalism: “[man takes shit in middle of carriage. / says, ‘what a lovely shit.’ / does it again]).” It reiterated just how much room there is within confessional verse to try out various selves / pseudo-selves / proxies, and also to do without them altogether. Alyson's performance of this material was masterful, tense but confident. I managed to get some footage on my mobile:

I reckon she should swap around the bit that goes “think of flight / see a man in a wheelchair”?

Both readings complemented each other really well, and the venue had what Barr the following night would have described as a “rad vibe.” Peace News was on sale. It was, more or less, a happy occasion, and every poem sad.

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