Tuesday, 24 April 2007

From "Snail Book"

by Peter Manson.

Juvenile pond snail has a mouth like Popeye.

Euthenasia by the back door.

Hydra with three-inch long tentacles.

If you see Bernie Winters, don't go to him.

Ramshorn crawls up plant as far as Hydra colony then crawls rapidly back down again.

Short Savages "Obsessed" Blair.

Leech inches across the glass, but which end is the mouth?

Dobupal Retard, 225mg.

Freshwater shrimp grooms its whiskers like a cat.

At my time of life (six and thirty years of age) it cannot be supposed that I have much energy to spare: in fact, I find it all little enough for the intellectual labours I have on my hands: and, therefore, let no man expect to frighten me by a few hard words into embarking any part of it upon desperate adventures of morality.

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