Wednesday, 4 April 2007

From "the church - the school - the beer"

By cris cheek.

potentialities here with a tired thumb and forth dance that has the conveyance of an angel with some thunderstruck the sky, begins to darken. Like a very large needle, coming straight out of the sky here, piercing through his body, going straight and deep into the earth, an

attempt to. There’s a friend of mine coming, who’s just down the hill, on the other side there you see. He wants my gig. I’m just wondering what you’re doing, because you’ve been wandering about like for ages as like this THING. I just wanted to know what you’re doing with it? I’m talking to a

friend up there in a window. Up there? Yeah. The wavy people? Yeah, O I see. That’s all I’m doing, I’m talking to them. ’Cause we thought, wow. Sort of like weird bloke. You alright? He’s talking to some people up there. I specialised in photography in there. What do

you tend to take photographs of? Generally walls, that’s what I spent my last year doing but generally portraits too, I like people and I like pubs. Naked people! That was my room, my room was in that far corner! Have you got a specific memory of that room? Ummmm . . .

What’s the best thing you ever did in that room? I covered that bit right, that room bit you can see I covered it in paper like ticket paper and like POURED water all over it and then poured paint that you paint cars with all over it and then PVC something and then loads of other shit on it

and it I started and did this really WEIRD like thing and then I passed my course, my GNVQ on that. I saw a thing with PVC dildos on it on TV the other night, that was quite funny. What coloured dildos? Black whatsits. What are you doing? What was the programme? Tell us

what you’re doing. I’m talking into this room and recording the talking. Why? Why? Um, to explore a whole process of writing. Why? What sorts of writing? Because I’m a writer and I want to find other ways of writing other than just sitting in a room at a desk, writing.

What are you talking about, the Arts College? I’m I’m transcribing what’s recorded. So, you’re now part of that writing. It’s in a Cultural Studies exhibition. Cultural Studies and like, we’re on it. You, you could become part of it. It’s safe we’re pissed then, coming out of the

pub and wondering what some bloke’s doing with a microphone. That’s attached. I thought that you had your eyebrow pierced. That’s what I thought! But it’s just on your sunglasses. I don’t like that. Have you got any piercings? I do. I have my nipple pierced, which I’m not going to

show you here. I have my belly button pierced twice and I have that and I’m getting my clit pierced in TWO WEEKS TIME! I’m getting that done too. Why? I’m getting my clit pierced, purely so that I can enjoy bus rides more. They go over big humps in the road down Magdalene

Street, they’re really nice. Also I really like horses, so I’m just going to spend the rest of my life with a big smile on my face. I’m going to do it too, because I’m pissed. Who are you going to go to? I’m going to Access All Areas in Nottingham, because I don’t know them, so therefore

I’ll never have to see them again so I won’t go Oh no that man pierced my private parts! So I won’t have to say hello down the street or anything. I’ve seen people doing branding, do you know anything about branding? I think that’s hideous! Isn’t that what they do to cows! Yeah, but it’s

become really fashionable to do it to people. No, but I’ve never seen that. Tell me about that. I saw a pencil thin hourglass figure of Marilyn Monroe branded onto the back of a young woman’s calf. It’s disgusting. Will you stop holding that in front of my face, it’s horrible. Well the only

reason I’m holding it there is because I want to be able to get what you say on the tape. Why don’t you come and have a pint, in there. Come and have a drink? Okay. (breaks in transmission – taxis interrupting) Yeah that will be when you get sixteen. That’s somethin’, but not tips.

I ain’t gonna say, ’cause that’s too rude ta say over ’ere. I’m never dirty. You are leery. Have you just switched it off at the power? “Ooh!” “A portion of your gorgeous body!” “Get a portion of my gorgeous body, neeehhhhh!” “Hello, I can now.” “Ahhhh, look out.” “Not three, bad

girl, tosser.” “The taxi drivers are talking about gorgeous bodies.” “Oh well that’s all right then.” “Brilliant.” “I can’t believe what people are prepared to tell me!” “Go away from her nude look.” “If I went into a pub and sat down.” “At the moment, yes.” “Tried to talk to them I’d get

nothing out of them at all.” “They won’t recognise you.” “Catch you later.” “Have I a genie mush?” “Byeee!” “Baby I love you. You’re lovely.” “You just live this running, recording.” “Oh baby!”

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