Saturday, 28 April 2007


6billionghosts said...

my head was nearly popping from my neck. everything was psychedelic fucked-up until i heard the sound of breaking glass.

mandy was screaming and smashing her commemorative glass which she had already broken on the way here, she dropped it down the escalator and the picture with the couple and the moon was broken off but the rest way intact, it made a great weapon. plus i saw that mandy had been biting on the mech. she was gnawing on its jaw. her mouth was covered in blood. the blood was blue. she crawled up to the cockpit, threw the girl out and jumped back outside the mech. she hacked away at the mech's strange fleshy-skin-metal from inside of it. her nice dress was a bit messed up by then. she didn't seem to care, though. i was starting to die because the arm was still taut and the hand was still around my neck. it was gripping harder.

Jow Lindsay said...

mech hutnall

6billionghosts said...


down the hucknall mines?

Jow Lindsay said...

what are you on about 6billionhosts.

you are on about

6billionghosts said...

i am on about the desperation of old words

i am on about something pretentious

what are you on about jow lindsay.