Wednesday, 11 April 2007

2000 demonstrations

"Time to shift up a gear, we think. The number of demo applications received by the Metropolitan Police under the SOCPA law has risen to about 2,000 a year since the introduction of the act. With your help we'd like to attempt to hold this number of demonstrations in a day! Just follow the instructions given here to join in.

On Thursday 5th April, thanks to a bunch of friends and associates, we handed in 1,184 applications at Charing Cross police station for Saturday, 21st April, a little short of our target, so please come and join us if you can and please email us to let us know how many applications you have sent in."

1) Automated generation of protest permission slip application.

2) I have a few things on my chest, so if you want I can apply for yours when I apply for mine. I think the deadline for the applications is this Saturday or maybe Sunday.

3) The main beef, as I remember it, is that although the Met must approve all applications under Socpo, they may attach conditions, limiting the number of protesters or the length of protest.

4) "It would be something if the police took Wallinger and Tate Britain at their literal, liberal word and removed the half of the installation that is on the “wrong” side of the line." There is something very interesting about the proliferation, in this issue, of Sorites Paradox-style thought. This kind of reductively anal thought is more often a manner of aggressively failing to engage with an argument or idea than it is a manner of processing it, and maybe for that reason deserves wide currency?

5) "If you hold up your banners or placards while moving from one demo to the next you could become a march - this would require other permissions. So keep banners down while moving through the zone."

6) What does it all mean.

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