Tuesday, 6 March 2007

Were been vicd now! (1/5)

The Squacht on Stoke Newington Church Street was evicted in the early hours of the morning. 3,447 dead, 9 injured. There will be a meeting on Wednesday night to reminisce, muse and hark, and demarcate all future beauty. If you live in Hackney, or like Scatter's album The Mountain Announces, pop by (I am working weird shifts and can't).

Ryan's Bar (basement)
181 Stoke Newington Church St
N16 0UL
(Yellow bar on the same side as the Vortex, up at Albion Road end of Church Street)

Over the past weeks, the Squacht has hosted a shocking variety of cultural and community-culturing events (including a yt open mic evening, "Crossing out the Line"). At a recent Arms Swap Shop, I fell into conversation with Heng Ouk, a member of Cambodia's emerging "mine-mining" peasantry class. Heng shared with me how the Occupied Social Centre enabled him to trade his air-deployable anti-personnel XM22 button mine for two NATO gas-operated Ultimax 100 machine guns more appropriate to small-scale, sustainable class-conscious guerrilla warfare. There are many stories like Heng’s. Robobailiffs flooded the structure (see note 1).

The breach was chakram-ballastic. The assault element made entry and split the stack, clearing the café area and bathrooms / storage areas simultaneously. The clearance employed scourging with the spines of warrior princesses. The support element assisted the assault element by peeling off and holding the ground floor rooms. Contact during this phase was minimal.

The security element remained on the street asking pedestrians if they’d like to remove their names from an anti-Starbucks petition. By now Squacht supporters, shaken from the branches of a sophisticated phone tree, had begun to gather in solidarity at the threshold. It was not yet light. There was something of a sing-a-long. The singing began. The singing stopped. I arrived late like for poetry so can only assume it was Templeton’s Medea.

Note 1: Sean proposes that most or all law-enforcers are some kind of animal (for cogent accounts of this position, cf. Bonney 2006; 2007). I endorse cyberneticism about bailiffs (cf. Crot 2007a; 2007b; 2007c; 2007d; 2007e; 2007f; 2007g; 2007h; 2007i; 2007j; 2007k; 2007l; 2007m; 2007n; 2007o; 2007p; 2007q; 2007r; 2007s; 2007t; 2007u; 2007v; 2007w; 2007x; 2007y; 2007z; 2007aa; 2007ab; 2007ac; 2007ad; 2007ae; 2007af; 2007ag; 2007ah). The hybridised positions offered by !Kitkat seems to me incoherent. For the purpose of this paper I assume that cyberneticism gives us the better picture.

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