Tuesday, 6 March 2007

Were been vicd now! (4/5)

Amy slipped into the Dentist’s Urgery tunnel on Stoke Newington High Street. Her palms found her knees and she breathed.

There is no phone reception in the Dentist’s Urgery tunnel.

Some people think Sergeant Star is a bot. But I’ve met the operator.

“Can we get coffee”

“That is a good question, however, I am not positive that I understand what you are asking. Try rephrasing your question. I understand simple questions best.”

In the Dentist’s Urgery tunnel, an exquisite theatre expanded in Amy’s brain. Army Mom is one of the character classes available on the Goarmy web site. Amy saw just how many HP they had. Zawahiri used the precedent of a group of Muslims offered their pick of death or conversion. From their blessed martyrdom, Zawahiri drew the lesson it was not necessary all self-slaughter be harāam. The parent areas are adapted not to maximise recruitment, but to balance recruiting power against the power to absorb entire families into the choice and the blame. This enfranchisement starves the cross-partisan “murdered child” lobby of recruits via a mechanism of intolerable grief aggravation. It is democracy, the very ring as it twists, at the tip of the Liberty Bell-curve, as that peals to green hills, as those shift:

"And if liposucked flocks shift on far hills,
do they enough?"

Amy had begun to SMS all this to the Squatch phone tree. There was more – the site of the next Squacht; wisdom, all of it; what obscured the gendered nature of the scissor-kick off the cross-bar; how she could give his song immortality, by letting it be about her body – but it was lost in a manifold of nervy textonym. Amy herself was a textonym. BOY. BOX. BMW. BOW. COW. COX. COY. ANY. Sometimes survival is the last mischief. The tunnel was ten steps long. Good for nothing, light went in at both ends.

“It’s a false etymology,” a hollow voice came.

Message sending
failed. Try again


Roxy Bolus said...

Thank you for the Dentist Urgery tunnel. I've taken a picture of it and put it on the rotten elements blog.

Gary said...

I just floated over an element as he slipped into 78 Kingsland Road. I mashed myself against the glass for him but he wasn't to know that. At two-twenty today. In case, I don't know, he's wanting wolfkill alibi.