Tuesday, 6 March 2007

Were been vicd now! (3/5)

Sergeant Star has all the answers. What building should the Social Centre next occupy? With this avalanche of donation cash, should musicians be compensated for their skilled time? How to deal with “problem people,” and deal with dealing with them? Why was post-war planning for Iraq initially limited to “call[ing] […] [him] Jay!” and the suggestion it was OK to wear jeans to work? Why won’t the U.S. sign anything good? Why does the section for parents on the U.S. army's recruitment site pull its punches so? How can any lawful Muslim let himself bloom a bomb, since the prophet prohibits self-slaughter?

Sergeant Star has all the answers, and we can’t get to them because our IP address has been blocked after Sparrow (2007) argued that it was sooooo funny to ask Sergeant Star three times if he’s gay.

GENERAL ERROR: Are you in the army, Sgt Star?

SGT STAR: I've been in the army for as long as I can remember, and I've loved every minute of it.

GENERAL ERROR: And are you gay?

SGT STAR: That's strike two, Private. One more bad word and I'm outta here.

GENERAL ERROR: That wasn't a bad word.

SGT STAR: That is a good question, however, I am not positive that I understand what you are asking. Try rephrasing your question. I understand simple questions best.

GENERAL ERROR: . . . ‘cause you know, you sound like a fag.

"Amy, your pixie mission is to survive," said Donna. And Amy almost did.

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